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Hong Kong, the "Fragrant Harbor". Megalopolis, banks, buildings, concrete, are the words that naturally come to us when we talk about the former British colony. But most of Western people don't know that Hong Kong has a lot of natural parks and is in fact a real paradise for outdoor activities!


Because of its very rugged terrain (Tai Mo Shan almost reaches 1000m altitude), only 20% of the territory is constructible and Hong Kong people remains very attached to these natural areas, most of them being reachable by bus, bike, or even by walking distance from the city center. This geographical constraint pushed the real estate developers to build higher and more dense during the last decades. But the everyday reality is far from being limited to an horizon of concrete and it is quite common to see local residents kayaking, hiking, climbing or even surfing, during weekdays before or after going to the office!

Add to this a (well-earned) reputation of "the New York of Asia", with a dense contemporary History, numerous museums, and you get a perfect mix of outdoor and urban touristic activities with no equivalent!

Hong Kong, to be properly explored, would deserve at least a week. But without spending all your annual leaves, why not enjoying a stop (before heading to West Chine for instance...) to stay a bit longer than initially planned and discover Hong Kong from another angle?

A lot of different hikes from all levels are possible, from half-day hike to 100km raid. If you are interested in discover Hong Kong in an original way, don't hesitate to contact us, we would be pleased to prepare a custom-designed program for you.

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