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You will find below all our itineraries that are suitable for kids and families. The Yunnan province lies on a large plateau (similar to the Tibetan plateau but smaller and at lower altitude), hence we would like to draw your attention to the constraints related to the altitude, especially for children, much more sensitive to pressure variations than adults. Thus we propose two different categories of itineraries, those for everyone even the youngest (our youngest hiker was only 4,5 months!) and those a bit more adventurous only from 7 years old.

If you ask yourself some questions (totally understandable when you are a parent!) about safety, we invite you to read our dedicated page on the subject: safety

For any other information or if you would like us to prepare a custom-designed itinerary for your family, please send us a message:

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For everyone, even the youngest. Moderate altitude, the elevation gain per day stays below 500m.

Medium level hike. The altitude stays below 3000m for the nights, and 800m for the elevation gain per day. Nights are spent in guesthouses or at locals. 

Difficult trekking. We normally stay below 4000m altitude and the elevation gain can sometimes reach 1000m. Nights are spent in guesthouses or at locals. 

Mountain Trekking in high altitude. We frequently exceed 1000m for day elevation gain and/or spend a full day in high altitude (>4000m). Overnight camping in altitude.

Kid friendly or not.

Horses or mules available or not.

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