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Yuanyang ricefield terraces

Join us on tour to Yuanyang and discover the largest and oldest ricefield terraces in the world!

Build more than 1000 years ago by Hani people, these terraces cover many valleys and offer numerous points of view to enjoy the full range of colors and reflections of these "mirrors of the sky".

A small stop in Jianshui old town on the way in and at Shilin stone forest on the way back will complete this journey to southern Yunnan.

NB: it is now possible for some European citizenships (France, UK, Germany, Italy & Spain) to enter Vietnam by land without applying for a visa in advance. It is thus possible to extend this route with a trip towards  Sapa in Vietnam, by crossing the border at Hekou (Laocai on Vietnamese side). If you are interested in this opportunity, please send us a message:  



D1: visit Kunming in the morning, green lake, the bird market, then drive to Jianshui.

D2: visit the Confucius temple and Zhu mansion in the morning, then cycle towards the old walled village of Tuanshan in the afternoon.

D3: drive to Yuanyang, enjoy your first hike in the middle of the terraces.

D4: day hike in the ricefield terraces. Many points of view for taking pictures.

D5: drive to Shilin, visit Shadian Mosque on the way, the biggest in China.

D6: easy hike in the stone forest, then drive to Kunming. 

city of departure:


city of arrival:





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