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Trek of the Bai world (Dali-Shaxi)

Dali, capital city of the ancient kingdom of Nanzhao and main city of the Bai ethnic group is an old fortified city located on the shores of lake Erhai, 40km long, and at the foot of Cangshan mountain (~4100m), which managed to keep a lot from its traditional and architectural heritage. The four gates which controlled  the access of the city are still well preserved and a big portion of the walls can still be walked.

Two hours North, Shaxi old village is a small gem of architecture who stayed away (so far!) from mass tourism and kept its authenticity.

These are the two old cities of the Bai ethnic group, which flourished along the old "Tea Horse Caravan Road" that we propose to link in four to seven hing days. 


D1: departure from Dali and start our ascent from the village of towards the "flowers valley".

D2: descent towards Laping. Transport towards lake Cibi, cross the lake on a boat and spend the night on the other side in Liyuan.

D3: hike from Liyuan to lake Haixi. Night spent at locals.

D4: hike accross the mountain and reach the old village of Shaxi.

D5: on the old Tea Horse Caravan Road, climb from Shaxi to Mapingguan.

D6: hike from Mapingguan to Misha. Transport back to Shaxi then to Lijiang or Dali.

city of departure:


city of arrival:

Dali ou Lijiang


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