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Tiger Leaping Gorge & Haba mountain

On the heights of Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest in the world, we offer you to get away from the classic trail, gain altitude and meet the Yi-Nuosu people. Two successives nights at locals, a breathtaking vista over the Gorgeas well as magnificent pastures and high mountain landscapes facing the Jade Dragon mountain (5596m) will definitely be part of your best memories of this trip.

For the most adventurous of you, it is also possible to trek around the mountain and even climb to the top of its main peak (5396m). For more information, go to our dedicated page HAUTE MONTAGNE.


D1: drive from Lijiang to Qiaotou and start walking on the classic trail of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

D2: climb onto the heights of Haba mountain. Night at locals.

D3: we spend that day trekking on the high pastures of the mountain with wonderful views over the Gorge and Jade Dragon mountain (5596m). Second night spend at a local family.

D4: climb down to Qiaotou then drive to Lijiang or Shangri-La.

city of departure:


city of arrival:

Lijiang or Shangri-La


guesthouse and homestays

Extend your journey with LOST HORIZON

Combine this trip with one of the following routes:

Lijiang: lake Wenhai

Raid trek towards lake Lugu

From Shangri-La towards Sichuan

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