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From the stone village to lake Lugu

At the border of Yunnan and Sichuan, lake Lugu is famous for being the "land of the women". It is in this area that we find one of the last matriarchal society. Mosuo people doesn't even have a word for "father"...

Nowadays, just a few familieskeep living like their acestries, nevetheless, this raid trek towards lake Luguis one of the most authentic. In four to five hiking days, not only will you pass through astonishing landscapes over the magnificient Yangzi river, but you will also have the opportunity to meet locals from different minorities such as Naxi, Lisu, Pumi, Yi and Mosuo.

A perfect mix between local life and great sceneries.


D1: drive from Lijiang to the stone village.

D2: hike towards Liuqing village by crossing over the "Prince pass".

D3: hike to the village of Fengke.

D4: climb from the shores of the Yangzi to the village of Zhuangzi.

D5: cross over the pass (3600m) and descent towards lake Lugu.

D6: drive back to Lijiang.

city of departure:


city of arrival:



simple guesthouses and homestays

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