From lake Lugu to Yading's sacred peaks

Between Yunnan and Sichuan this long raid trek will make you link two places famous for being among the most beautiful in China: lake Lugu where lives the matriarchal society of Mosuo people, and Yading, a natural reserve known for its magnificient lakes at the foot of the sacred peaks.

High alpine paths, long and large valleys to walk and altitude passes: this physical itinerary among the most beautiful in China will definitely seduce you.


D1: drive from Lijiang to lake Lugu (2700m).

D1-D2-D3: first part of the trek: ascent towards Ka'Er pastures, cross over many 4000m passes and descent towards the village of Qiongyi.

D4-D5-D6-D7: second part of the trek: easy at first at the bottom of a large valley, then climb to the highest pass of our journey (4800m) before we reach the reserve of Yading.

D8-D9-D10: kora around Yading's sacred peaks. Three days hking and crossing 4500m passes.

D11: drive to Daocheng, take off from the highest airport in the world (4400m) and land in Chengdu.

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