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inner mongolia map

Inner Mongolia is one of the five autonomous provinces in China, with Ningxia, Guangxi, Xinjiang and Tibet. It is geographically located on the Mongolian plateau and called this way in opposition to Outer Mongolia, an old name used by Chinese in old times to describe the current country of Mongolia.

Landscapes globally consist in grasslands, steppes and desert. The Gobi desert covers a part of this province and much more reachable from here than from Ulan Bator. Landscapes of massive sand dunes, like in Badain Jaran, and scattered temples bring a huge feeling of isolation, the sensation of being far from everything, out of the modern world.

For everyone, even the youngest. Moderate altitude, the elevation gain per day stays below 500m.

Medium level hike. The altitude stays below 3000m for the nights, and 800m for the elevation gain per day. Nights are spent in guesthouses or at locals. 

Difficult trekking. We normally stay below 4000m altitude and the elevation gain can sometimes reach 1000m. Nights are spent in guesthouses or at locals. 

Mountain Trekking in high altitude. We frequently exceed 1000m for day elevation gain and/or spend a full day in high altitude (>4000m). Overnight camping in altitude.

Kid friendly or not.

Horses or mules available or not.

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