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Mekong-Salween traverse

In the far North of Yunnan, beyond Shangri-La, we enter the region of the "Three Parallel Rivers". In this area with spectacular geography, three of the longest rivers in Asia (and in the world...) follow a North-South axis, only separated by a couple of dozen kilometers: the Yangzi, the Mekong and the Salween. Snow mountains sometimes reaching 6000m disconnect the deep Gorges and gigantic valleys shaped by these rivers.

We invite you here to link two valleys: the Mekong and the Salween's, the most isolated and wild of the three, in four trekking days and by crossing two 4000m high passes. 

An historical and magnificent itinerary, walked 100 years ago by the Catholic missionaries who settled in this region.

To learn more about Catholic Tibet, go on the page Catholic Tibet.


D1: drive from Shangri-La to Cizhong and take time to visit its church.

D2: first trekking day. We leave from the shores of Mekong for a long ascent until we reach high pastures where we sped the night.

D3: cross over the first pass (4250m).

D4: cross over the second pass (4050m) and start our long descent towards Dimaluo.

D5: hike to Bingzhongluo and the shores of Salween river.

D6: Transportation day to Gongshan, Fugong, Liuku, and Dali.

city of departure:


city of arrival:



simple guesthouses and camping 

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