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Inner kora of mount Meili (6740m)

Forbidden to climb following a deadly avalanche that killed an entire expedition in 1991 as well as to satisfy the Tibetan people for who this mountain is sacred, Kawa Karpo (Meili Xueshan in Mandarin) in one of the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

At the foot of this mountain, according to a local legend, a few inhabitants of Yubeng village Yubeng would have lived for centuries away from the rest of the world. Until a farmer went down to the shores of Mekong in order to find barley and was seen and followed back to its hidden village...

From Yubeng, in front of Miancimo (6054m), many day hikes from various difficulty are possible. Depending on your wishes, you can for instance go for an easy walk to the sacred waterfall or a tough ascent to the sacred lake. 


D1: drive from Shangri-La to Feilaisi.

D2: hike from Xidang to the village of Yubeng (3200m).

D3: hike towards Kawa Karpo base camp and the frozen lake (3900m).

D4: hike towards the sacred waterfall (3650m).

D5: climb to the sacred lake (4450m).

D6: climb down from Yubeng to Ninong then drive back to Shangri-La.

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