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Kora around Amnye Machen (6282m)

Amnye Machen which altitude was at a time overestimated (we talked about 9000m!) is considered the residency of divinity Machen Pomra and the second most important sacred mountain in Tibetan culture. Each year, a lot of people come to do the pilgrimage around the mountain.

Between desert landscapes and high mountains, this high altitude route (entirely over 4000m) will take you to meet the Goloks, ancient nomadic people and main Tibetan ethnic group in this region. 


D1: drive from Xining towards Shachong temple and then Tongde.

D2: drive to Machen, visit Lajia monastery on the way.

D3-D4-D5-D6-D7: 5 day raid trek to finish the "half kora" of mount Amnye Machen (a highway has been constructed on the other side of the range). 

D8: drive to lake Qinghai (lake Kokonor in Mongolian), and hike in the middle of the sand dunes.

D9: transport to Xining.

city of departure:


city of arrival:



simple guesthouses and camping

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