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Siguniang Shan: the 4 sisters mountain

Siguniang Shan, literally "the mountain of the four youg ladies" is a small range of four peaks, the highest one , Yaomei, reaching 6250m.

A relatively developed national park allows hikers to walk into the three main valleys named Changping, Haizi and Shangqiao.

But it is much more interesting to leave the bottom of the valley and gain altitude in order to discover the hidden gems of the park such as high mountain lakes, suspended valleys and 360° vistas. Numerous options are then possible: 2-3 day itineraries that cross from one valley to another or even a one week loop around Siguniang mountain.

For the most adventurous of you, it is also possible, with the use of crampons and ice axes, to climb the "two youngest sisters": Dafeng (5025m) and Erfeng (5225m). For more information, go to our dedicated page: MOUNTAINEERING.


D1: drive from Chengdu to the village of Rilong (3160m).

D2: acclimatization hike in Changping valley.

D3-D4: 2 day hike in Haizi valley. We pass by a couple of altitude lakes and spend the night at "Dafeng base camp", the smallest of the four sisters. Back to Rilong the next morning.

D5-D6: 2 day hike on the heights of Shuangqiao valley. We spend the night next to an altitude lake and cross a 4700m high pass.

D7: drive back to Chengdu.

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