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Yunnan Map


Yunnan, the land on the south of the clouds, is definitely the most diverse province in China, considering geography as well as cultural aspects. Among the 56 minorities officially recognized by the government, no less than 26 can be found here in Yunnan. About landscapes, its geographical situation offers a diversity with no equivalent. It is possible to hike in the tropical forest in the South of the province next to Laos and Myanmar borders (Xishuangbanna) as well as high altitude on the Tibetan plateau at the feet of over 6000m high snow mountains.

Yunnan is also the land of the "old tea horse caravan road" sometimes called the "silk road of the South". This network of tracks and mountain paths allowed for many centuries the commercial exchange of tea, coming from the South, against

horses brought by Tibetans from the North.

This trade allowed many towns along this road to develop. They are mostly located in the North-West of the province, where the majority of the trades took place, and a lot of them managed to keep through the years a lot of cultural and architectural relics from these times. We can name among others the old towns of Weishan, Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang or Shangri-La. 

Cultural diversity, architectural heritage, medieval walled-cities, breathtaking landscapes...From the ricefield terraces in the South to the snowy peaks of the Tibetan plateau, with a stop at the tropical forest and tea plantations, a trip to Yunnan is always a special moment and a unique experience. 

For everyone, even the youngest. Moderate altitude, the elevation gain per day stays below 500m.

Medium level hike. The altitude stays below 3000m for the nights, and 800m for the elevation gain per day. Nights are spent in guesthouses or at locals. 

Difficult trekking. We normally stay below 4000m altitude and the elevation gain can sometimes reach 1000m. Nights are spent in guesthouses or at locals. 

Mountain Trekking in high altitude. We frequently exceed 1000m for day elevation gain and/or spend a full day in high altitude (>4000m). Overnight camping in altitude.

Kid friendly or not.

Horses or mules available or not.

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